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Nadcap Accredited

AS 9100 Registered Aerospace Quality System. NADCAP approved for Nondestructive Testing, Welding, Heat Treating and Hardness Testing

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Casting Institute

Quality Assurance

Certifications & Approvals

Engineered Precision Casting Co., Inc. is Nadcap accredited for its Aerospace Quality System (AC7004), Nondestructive Testing program (AC7114, AC7114/1, AC7114/2, AC7114/4), Welding (AC7110, AC7110/5, AC7110/12), and also its Heat Treating & Hardness Testing operations (AC7102, AC7102/2, AC7101/5). As an AS9100 registered and ISO 9001 compliant company, Engineered Precision Casting is quality conscious with a top priority on supplying its customer with parts that meet or exceeded all contractual requirements, on-time, every time.

Download or print the certifications (.PDF).

  • ISO 9001, Quality Management System
  • AS 9100, Aerospace Quality Management System
  • AC 7004, Inspection & Test Quality System
  • AC7114, Nondestructive Testing, General
  • AC7114/1, Penetrant Inspection
  • AC7114/2, Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • AC7114/4, Radiography, X-ray
  • AC7102, Heat Treating, General
  • AC7102/2, Aluminum Heat Treating
  • AC7101/5, Hardness Testing 
  • AC7110, Welding, General
  • AC7110/5, Fusion Welding (Casting Repairs, GTAW)
  • AC7110/12, Welder Qualification

In addition to the above, Engineered Precision Casting Co. holds many approvals for its various direct and prime customers such as Honeywell Aerospace, Parker Aerospace, Eaton Aerospace, Stewart Warner South Wind/Meggitt Corporation, Goodrich Pump Engines & Systems, L3/SPD Technologies, Rolls-Royce Corporation, Hawker Beechcraft, General Dynamics, Vought Aircraft Industries, and more.

The HICTOL Advantage

High Integrity, Close TOLerance

The continuing worry in aerospace manufacturing is that parts that fly must not fail. Sometimes this guarantee of performance is made at a sacrifice in design or even cost. HICTOL castings provide the necessary insurance against failure, with the added benefit of operation-saving close tolerances. HICTOL castings can result in cost savings for commercial applications as well. With design emphasis always on the elimination of added operations, HICTOL castings provide parts that meet finished tolerances “as cast”.

What does HICTOL mean to the customer?

  • A manufacturing philosophy based on meeting the customer's requirements, not avoiding them.
  • Application of the leading technology within the industry.
  • Stringent process controls to ensure repeatability.
  • Cast material that is free from defects.
  • Castings that meet all dimensional requirements.
  • A uniform response to heat-treatment with tensile properties that consistently exceed the specified minimums.
  • Burr-free castings that can be set into machining fixtures “as received”.
  • Lower machining costs with higher quality parts.

Good foundry practice based on manufacturing process and quality controls, and the use of effective functional gages and fixtures, provide the means for producing HICTOL castings.

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