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Nadcap Accredited

AS 9100 Registered Aerospace Quality System. NADCAP approved for Nondestructive Testing, Welding, Heat Treating and Hardness Testing

Member of
Casting Institute

About Engineered Precision Casting Co., Inc.

History has proven Engineered Precision Casting Co., Inc. to be detail orientated and quality conscious. Our focus is on our customer, and on our customer’s need for reliable parts delivered on-time to exacting specifications. Our responsiveness, service, quality, and reliability have enabled us to achieve our place as an industry leader.

As an ISO-9000/AS-9100 compliant and Nadcap accredited source, we consistently produce precision investment castings that meet or exceed our customer requirements by employing detailed process controls. These controls, coupled with production automation and continual training programs, have formed the foundations for our long-term success.

By adding new technology and striving for superior quality, we’ve obtained competitive advantages. Having manufactured over 8,500 totally different casting configurations through the years, our wide-ranging experience has made us one of the most technically capable and diverse investment casters in the industry. Today, over a half of a century later, we're not satisfied with merely living on this solid reputation...we're still building on it, one casting at a time.

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